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Renovations delayed for LH and T-Bird gyms

Saioa San Francisco Arilla

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Peter Moss 


At Casper College, history reverberates through the corridors of Liesinger Hall and the Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym. These structures are more than just brick and mortar – they are a legacy of learning, athleticism, and community. 

Casper College is delaying the renovation plans for Liesinger Hall and the Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym. The institution musty have other prioritize other projects es before they looking into thehose buildings.

The two structures serve as the backdrop for countless memories and shape the experiences of students and faculty alike. However, the call for renovation underscores the need to adapt to the demands of the present while preserving the essence of the past. 

Photo Courtesy of Edwin Gonzalez
The men’s basketball team warmed up for a game in the Thunderbird Gym earlier this year. The college built the gym in 1968, and it’s undergone several renovations, yet there is much to improve as of 2024. 

Modernization brings with it the promise of enhanced facilities, improved functionality, and increased safety standards. Yet, it also presents a formidable financial challenge that requires careful navigation amidst competing priorities.

The administration building of Liesinger Hall was built in 1954 costing $800,000. Consequently, the Fitness Center was built in 1955 using the remaining money, and the college hasn’t remodeled the structure since then.

Allen Sanchez, building structures foreman at CC said, “It was a good investment for a gym at that time.” He added that after 70 years, “It definitely should be remodeled. It is a very old gym.”

This building holds a special place in the hearts of many. However, Liesinger Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus and needs revitalization. Brighter classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, and accessible technology are not mere luxuries but essential components of a 21st-century learning environment. Yet, as the college yearns for these improvements, the institution is also acutely aware of the financial and space constraints. 

Corey Peacock, dean of students at CC said, “We know the LH building and gym needs attention.” 

According to Peacock, there is a three-to-five-year plan to repair and upgrade buildings at CC, but the plan needs to be approved through state legislation and needs funding.

Peacock added, “The LH building and gym didn´t make it into the college 5-year plan priorities.”

Photo Courtesy of Western History Center
The photo to the left is from the Western History Center’s 1997 archives. The women’s volleyball team appears to be listening to their coach while sitting in the Liesinger Hall gym. 

Liesinger Hall is a very large building that houses several departments, many faculty members, and busy classrooms. According to Peacock, a plan to remodel the LH gym and building would take over two years to complete. 

Peacock said, “During that time, we would have to reassign space for all faculty members in other buildings, and that, is very unlikely to happen.”

Similarly, the T-Bird Gymnasium, once a beacon of athletic excellence, now grapples with the weight of deferred maintenance and outdated facilities. For athletes, coaches, and fans alike, the gym represents more than just a venue for sporting events—it embodies a legacy of teamwork, perseverance, and triumph. The building has been in place since 1968 with several remodeling projects since then. 

Sanchez said, “Although a lot has changed, there are a lot of things here that could be improved. And I know it has been talked about to make an expansion and improvement of the gym.” 

The Athletic council and the athletic department have been advocating for the expansion of the T-bird gym. 

Sanchez said, “An expansion could be good, but it would cost a lot of money.”

Money has a process to get into the college and it needs an approval plan to be used.

Peacock said, “The equipment is easier to repair than the actual gym but an actual project for the T-Brid gym would take many years to get approved and to be done.”

In addition to Liesinger Hall and the T-Bird gym, other many facilities need improvement and expansion. Peacock mentioned one in particular.

 “We are looking into upgrading the soccer field,” he said.

Many buildings and sports facilities on campus need assistance. While the college is considering the upgrades,  the projects need time and money to even be approved.

By prioritizing strategic investments, leveraging external partnerships, and harnessing the creativity and ingenuity of our community, we can ensure that our campus continues to thrive for generations to come.

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