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Love Across Borders: A Colombian Teacher’s Journey to the American West

By Saioa San Francisco Arilla In a heartwarming story of cross-cultural connection, a Colombian woman found love and a new home in the heart of America’s Wild West.  Nohora Groce a Spanish teacher at CC was born in Colombia, Bogotá. She was married for two years in Colombia until she became a widow. She didn’t […]

New Student Senate Electees at Casper College

By Lane Johnson Every spring Casper College hosts an election for new student senate members. Each school at the college gets two representatives with a total of five schools according to Student Life Coordinator Devin Fulton. The schools include: Business and Industry, Fine arts and Humanities, Health Science, Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The […]

Spring Thunderbirds Soccer Update

By Lane Johnson The Casper College Men and Women’ Soccer Teams have completed the spring season and look forward to competing for the national title again in the fall.  For the freshman, the spring season is an opportunity to improve and gain more experience playing at the college level. For the sophomores the season provides […]

Artist, Cat Whisperer, and Partner

By Lairen Brush Walking around Casper College, students, staff, and faculty may be able to identify origami birds surrounding the halls, hidden on bookshelves, or hanging out under a computer monitor. They could depict a crime scene surrounded by onlookers or isolated all alone. These cranes originate from Nadine Francisco, an art major at Casper […]

The Life Lesson of Theater

By Geoff Cooper Richard Burk, a longstanding figure in Casper College’s theater department, directs his final production with “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.” His departure marks not just an end to his career but also the continuation of the profound life lessons he instilled in his students. “Theater requires ownership at every level,” Burk […]

Money in CC Sports

By Faythe Fowler As a whole, athletics programs at Casper College receive a budget from various sources to divide and decide what happens with the money. There is an overall budget for each sport that is created by financial services, depending on various factors that affect the budget. “The college gives us two budgets,” said […]

Libby Winchell: CC’s First Women’s Rodeo Coach

By Faythe Fowler The women’s rodeo team added a new member to their roster this year; a women’s coach. Hired just this year, Libby Winchell is the first Women’s Rodeo Coach at Casper College. Winchell is originally from Scottsbluff, Neb., where she grew up surrounded by the rodeo lifestyle.  “My mom rodeoed,” Winchell said. “I […]

Divine’s Intervention

After witnessing demonstrations and conflict on college campuses over the past couple of weeks, I decided it might be timely to revisit a topic I first addressed back in 2022. The American educational reformer and President of Antioch College, Horace Mann, once said, “Do not think of knocking out another person’s brains because he differs […]

Onto a New Chapter of Life 

By Bernadette Pieper The closing of a chapter of life for Gail Schenfisch, an American Sign Language instructor and interpreter, is around the corner. She started her teaching career at Casper College 28 years ago where she built the existing ASL program. In 2017, Schenfisch made ASL an established degree at CC. She will retire […]

It’s Not Retirement it is a New Adventure

By Bernadette Pieper After serving as President of Casper College for nine years, Dr. Darren Divine is stepping into a new chapter of life. He will slowly leave his position after graduation in May and is set to turn over the position to the new president by June.  “I don’t like the word retirement. The […]