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Spring Thunderbirds Soccer Update

By Lane Johnson

The Casper College Men and Women’ Soccer Teams have completed the spring season and look forward to competing for the national title again in the fall. 

For the freshman, the spring season is an opportunity to improve and gain more experience playing at the college level. For the sophomores the season provides a final few games to show why they should be able to continue at a higher level. Both the CC Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams were scheduled to play five games this spring but two were canceled.

Lewis Gordan and Cole Venable are both sophomores for the men’s soccer team. They agreed that the fall season is the one that matters, and they are now just looking to prepare the freshman for the next fall as they transition aways from Casper College. 

“We try not to have a different outlook on the spring season,” Venable said. 

Venable talked about how they need to keep a good attitude for the freshman so that they can continue to get better and continue the success they found last fall. The men were the first CC team to appear in the national tournament, according to Venable and Gordan. 

“It’s good practice for the freshman and obviously for those (sophomores) who are still trying to find schools — it’s good,” Gordon said. 

Emmy Finlinson and Kaylinn Gallup are both freshmen for the Lady TBird’s. They have similar thoughts about the spring season. They agreed that they see it more of an offseason practice time to get better and prepare for the fall season. The women did not make the national tournament in the fall but are optimistic about next year. 

“We’re constantly practicing with nothing to work towards right now,” Finlinson said. 

She said she wishes the spring season included more competition, as she feels that the team is focused and working hard every day. She believes that at higher divisions the spring season is much more serious. Yet she feels that CC does as much as it can to maintain a highly competitive environment during the spring. 

“It’s not really a full season. It feels like it’s just preparatory for the next season — just kind of having fun together while it lasts,” Gallup said. 

The spring season is more of an offseason with a few games, and both the men and women’s teams are excited for the upcoming fall season. 

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