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Letting Passion Influence Your Future

By Aliesia Berryman From the moment one can hold a conversation, a common question is: What do you want to be when you grow up? Upon entering junior year of high school the pressure surmounts and wrong decisions can cost time and significant amounts of money. There are many approaches

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Artist, Cat Whisperer, and Partner

By Lairen Brush Walking around Casper College, students, staff, and faculty may be able to identify origami birds surrounding the halls, hidden on bookshelves, or hanging out under a computer

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Onto a New Chapter of Life 

By Bernadette Pieper The closing of a chapter of life for Gail Schenfisch, an American Sign Language instructor and interpreter, is around the corner. She started her teaching career at

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The Life Lesson of Theater

By Geoff Cooper Richard Burk, a longstanding figure in Casper College’s theater department, directs his final production with “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.” His departure marks not just an

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Money in CC Sports

By Faythe Fowler As a whole, athletics programs at Casper College receive a budget from various sources to divide and decide what happens with the money. There is an overall

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Divine’s Intervention

After witnessing demonstrations and conflict on college campuses over the past couple of weeks, I decided it might be timely to revisit a topic I first addressed back in 2022.

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Standing Up Against Violence

By Aliesia Berryman After the distressing and tragic events that took place at the Eastridge Mall in Casper on April 7 many Casperites are in shock. The community collectively grieves

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The importance of stories in life

It is widely accepted that animals operate based on instinct—a set of innate behaviors that require no learning or practice. This simplicity exempts creatures in the animal kingdom from many

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Time management in college

Time management is one of the biggest tasks that students struggle with in college. After moving away from home and finally living life on your own, it can be hard

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