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Love Across Borders: A Colombian Teacher’s Journey to the American West

By Saioa San Francisco Arilla In a heartwarming story of cross-cultural connection, a Colombian woman found love and a new home in the heart of America’s Wild West.  Nohora Groce a Spanish teacher at CC was born in Colombia, Bogotá. She was married for two years in Colombia until she became a widow. She didn’t […]

Artist, Cat Whisperer, and Partner

By Lairen Brush Walking around Casper College, students, staff, and faculty may be able to identify origami birds surrounding the halls, hidden on bookshelves, or hanging out under a computer monitor. They could depict a crime scene surrounded by onlookers or isolated all alone. These cranes originate from Nadine Francisco, an art major at Casper […]

Onto a New Chapter of Life 

By Bernadette Pieper The closing of a chapter of life for Gail Schenfisch, an American Sign Language instructor and interpreter, is around the corner. She started her teaching career at Casper College 28 years ago where she built the existing ASL program. In 2017, Schenfisch made ASL an established degree at CC. She will retire […]

It’s Not Retirement it is a New Adventure

By Bernadette Pieper After serving as President of Casper College for nine years, Dr. Darren Divine is stepping into a new chapter of life. He will slowly leave his position after graduation in May and is set to turn over the position to the new president by June.  “I don’t like the word retirement. The […]

Martha Vargas: A story of relocation, acclimation, separation, reunion

By Anthony Sturt Martha Vargas, a grill cook at the Tobin Dining Hall at Casper College, fulfilled the roles of wife, mother, pastor, and employee since arriving to Casper in 2001.  Vargas overcame the difficulties of immigration from Mexico, engaged as a leader of her church, and worked to raise her daughters to adulthood. Vargas […]

Student loans: Helpful but with a catch?

Anthony Sturt  Chinook Writer Brett Lane Contributor Students at Casper College use their student loans to cover their education expenses, and to facilitate more focus on studies and home life. According to the Department of Education’s student aid page, student loans can be borrowed from the federal government or a private lender such as a […]

Is a college degree worth it? 

Some question the value, others benefit from higher ed Kyrah Hoppa Chinook Contributor Jean Scott Contributor Going straight to college after graduating high school, not going to college, or even going back to college — Is it worth it? The age-old debate continues. According to a 2022 article by Katherine Schaeffer, a research analyst at […]

Renovations delayed for LH and T-Bird gyms

Saioa San Francisco Arilla Chinook Writer  Peter Moss  Contributor At Casper College, history reverberates through the corridors of Liesinger Hall and the Swede Erickson Thunderbird Gym. These structures are more than just brick and mortar – they are a legacy of learning, athleticism, and community.  Casper College is delaying the renovation plans for Liesinger Hall […]

What did Casper College students do for spring break?

Bernadette Pieper Chinook Writer  Casper College’s spring break went from March 9-16, and students and faculty took a week off. Students mostly either went home, escaped on a vacation, or stayed at the college. Students could relax and recharge, adventure to different locations in the U.S., or even explore another country.  Spring break is a […]

Two-year degrees or four-year degrees?

Lairen Brush Chinook Writer  Keenan Morgan & Tyler Cooper Contributors In 2019, the state of Wyoming authorized community colleges within the state to offer four-year degrees, specifically a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. This authorization applied to Casper College, yet the school still does not have a four-year degree offering. For students attending college in Casper, […]