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New Student Senate Electees at Casper College

By Lane Johnson

Every spring Casper College hosts an election for new student senate members. Each school at the college gets two representatives with a total of five schools according to Student Life Coordinator Devin Fulton. The schools include: Business and Industry, Fine arts and Humanities, Health Science, Science, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The senate positions are voted on by students, including the student body president. The president position is open to anyone currently on the senate that is returning next fall, and if nobody runs, the position is then open to the campus, according to Fulton. 

“We’ll have our officer election meeting on our final meeting of the semester on May 1,” Fulton said. 

The senate officers such as, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and the public relations coordinator are voted on internally to give each school a fair chance to be represented. The internal process is the reason that students don’t also vote for vice president in the main election, according to Fulton.  

Katelyn Boespflug ran unopposed this spring and was elected as president. Boespflug’s role includes listening to student complaints and suggestions, as well as providing a voice for the student body at upper level committee meetings.  

“My biggest goal as president is to be more in touch with clubs,” Boespflug said.

Boespflug plans on going to more club meetings and feels that the clubs do a pretty good job already. She wants to help out with internal club activities, as well as offer a listening ear because it is something that she wants clubs to be aware of. 

Soon to be vice president Shani Osori-Alcala agreed and hopes that she can help the student body feel more included in the goings of campus. 

“I always just want to make the room more open to talk freely,” Osori-Alcala said.
Osori-Alcala wants people to feel more lively and wants to make sure that the senate is a fun place where everyone can be comfortable with each other and voice their opinions freely. 

There is another election that happens in the fall semester. Fulton said the student senate holds elections for new freshman students to fill positions that may have been emptied over the summer. 

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